Higher Learning for Deeper Living – A College With Heart

  • Description

    Rhodes Wellness College, a place where students come to learn not only about the art of counseling and life coaching, but about themselves as well. This short documentary follows Three students as they embark on a journey of inner discovery and healing.

    Film Credits

    Herself: Natalie Perry

    Himself: Chad Verigin

    Herself: Kelly Sheldon

    Himself: Tyler Soon

    Himself: Brian Hunjan

    Himself: Brendan Stitchman

    Producer/Director: Darshan Rickhi

    Producer/Director: Chris Kummerfeldt

    Director of Photography: Chris Avery

    Director of Photography: Sean Avery

    Sound Mixer / Sound Design: Alexander van Nieuwkuyk

    Editor: David Avery


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    Uploaded On: 2012-02-09 19:19:10

    Length: 0:09:48

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    Tags: Rhodes Wellness College, Rhodes, Documentary, Counseling, Life Coaching, Vancouver, self help, Warmland Films, Educational, Holistic, Students

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  1. marje weech says:

    from a proud grandma, grandpa would be too.
    soo good to see you this weekend. love you lots

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