Khatsahlano Music and Art Festival 2012 – Short

  • Description

    Featuring ‘Go Alien’ by Oh No! Yoko
    Presented by Kitsilano 4th Avenue Business Association
    Produced by Warmland Films Inc.

    Director/Producer Christopher Scott Avery
    Producer Marie Witt
    Chris Kummerfeldt
    Director of Photography Sean Avery
    2nd Unit Director/ Host Darshan Rickhi
    Assistant Producer Jaselle E D Martino
    Emily Moe
    Daphne Batistella
    Camera Operators Sean Avery
    Bjorn Hermannes
    Cory Tremblay
    David Avery
    Amy Hwang
    Sean Cox
    Alicia Margetts
    Andrew McCall
    Anthony Fabro
    Chalar Turhan
    Javier Arenales
    Johnny Erwin
    Jory Fine
    Assistant Camera Kim Tran
    Nick Robinson
    Sound Engineers Alex van Nieuwkuyk
    Grant Cunliffe
    Humberto Corte
    JJ Hwang
    Paul Cho
    Still Photographer Nao Sugita
    Craft Service Gabrielle O’Neill-Montgrain
    Kalina Casey
    Editors David Avery
    Christopher Scott Avery
    Amy Hwang
    Alex van Nieuwkuyk

    Much more to come!

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