The Northern Zulu Sessions – Fish and Bird

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    In collaboration with Northern Transmissions, Zulu Records and Overgrowth Productions; Warmland Films is proud to present the first installment of The Northern Zulu Sessions. Hosted by Northern Transmissions, the Northern Zulu Sessions are a series of concerts taking place within  Zulu Records. A showcase of local and international talent alike, the Northern Zulu Sessions aims to expand the already thriving Vancouver Music Scene. We’re happy to kick this off with Fish and Bird, an extremely talented 5-piece folk band hailing from Victoria, B.C.

    For more music and interviews check out:

    Fish and Bird

    Northern Transmissions

    Zulu Records

    Film Credits

    Fiddle, Vocals: Adam Iredale-Gray

    Vocals, Banjo: Taylor Ashton

    Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Ryan Boeur

    Drums: Ben Kelly

    Upright Bass, Vocals: Natalie Bohrn

    Host: Charles Brownstein

    Director, Camera Operator: Sean Avery

    Producer, Asisstant Camera: Darshan Rickhi

    Editor, Camera Operator: David Avery

    Sound Engineer: Grant Cunliffe

    Camera Operator, Assistant Editor: Christopher Scott Avery

    Camera Operator: Chris Kummerfeldt

    Sound Recordist : Alex van Nieuwkuyk

    Assistant Camera: James Mccron

    Production Assistant: Amy Hwang

    Production Assistant: Alicia Margetts

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  1. Ilana says:

    I can’t find the date for these exciting events!

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