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I have been writing poetry for the past 18 years, but it was not until my mid twenties that I realized I would never get published. It is not exactly self-defeating fatalism: even if I got offered a book deal tonight my exacerbated pride would advise me against taking it. So i did what any filmmaker do, make a film about it. A collection of short poems made into short films. Ultimately to form a feature film: a videopoetic anthology.

The new Warmland project named Noche thus came into being, a collaboration of different mediums, disparate artists from unabridged continents coming together every night by bringing to life words otherwise muted; words hidden deep in the void of my laptop and old notebooks. A common ground where cinematographers, poets, sound designers, illustrators, novelists, editors, photographers, musicians and contemporary dancers meet without always knowing what the outcome will look, sound or feel like.

It all starts during the nights when impulses overcome a poet. It is serendipitous, expressive, lonesome, random and entirely fortuitous, perhaps even fated. And that is the true nature of Noche. The spontaneous worded newborn then moves into Warmland’s offices. Across space where the poet becomes, literally a voice aided only by the sound designer (Alex van Nieuwkuyk) and his microphone. Once imported to our editing systems it gets exported to Manchester where our dear and gifted composer, Fernando Franco performs magic. The now mixed and musicalized poems is then delivered to you, artists everywhere, to be transformed visually through your imagination and senses. Noche.

As an artistic collaboration we are always interested in meeting fellow creators interested in experimenting in this multidisciplinary venture, video poetry in all imaginable ways possible.

View the video here.

You can read the original poems at:
your nocturnal friend,

chris k.

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  1. I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

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