‘The Winds’

Posted by Cravery on December 3, 2011 in News | Comments: 0

Three years ago I found myself on a beach in  Victoria telling my good buddy Grant Cunliffe about this idea I had.  I wanted to take a crew around the America’s on a sailboat and capture the journey for a television series.  Travel, sail and surf- best time ever right?  Well the project has grown into something much larger since then and the journey it’s taken me on (although not yet around the America’s) has been nothing shy of incredible.  I’ve found my crew and together we’ve found a sense of purpose.

The stats are there and they’re not easy to look at- Our Oceans -which provide half of the Earths oxygen and absorbs 30% of human-generated CO2– are very ill.  A mass extinction of the worlds species  is currently taking place like never before in history.  The current rate of deforestation would see the worlds rain forests disappear in just 100 years.  And it’s all because of us.  We have taken this planet to it’s brink, and now it’s shutting down.

There’s hope though.  We’ve met and talked with people and projects all around the America’s that are doing more than just starting these important conversations, they’re fighting for them.  And we want to give these people a voice.  There’s a big shift happening right now -a revolution even- and sometimes it’s way too easy and convenient for us to ignore it.  But too much is at stake now, and if we don’t try to turn the tide of the mistakes that we’ve made, than the generations after us will have nothing left.

We were lucky enough to speak with a few television producers and some broadcasters in town.  Although they personally loved the idea, they told us that unfortunately our demographic needed a little more ‘Snooki’, and a lot more drama (sex, drugs, and drinking).  Earnest isn’t selling.  Not that we oppose any of those things (Snooki we’re not sure of yet), but we found it more then concerning that while the state of our planet has never been so threatened and our existence as we know it is now at stake, our generation -which must be the generation that turns things around- is mostly being fed mind numbing entertainment.  We believe that something can be thrillingly entertaining and still have some substance.

So without the support of a big broadcaster, we thought we might have to fight this one on our own.  But that’s about the time we started hearing from people.  People saying they too believe that it’s time we start these conversations, its time we start protecting our Oceans, our land, and our people.  People saying they had our back.  So here we are- fighting on.  And to be completely honest- we’re not sure yet on how this trip will happen.  We’re humble enough to admit that we do need help.  So, if you too believe that the time is now- give us a like, send us a shout, tell your friends, and we’ll take this journey together.  We’ll raise an army of young filmmakers, artists, musicians, scientists, surfers, sailors and everyday normal people like myself and the crew and fight the good battle for our generation and the generations to come.  How’s that for earnest?


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